Chris Leingang

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Chris Leingang has more than a decade experience teaching–including 6 years in a traditional classroom and more than 6 years teaching online.

Chris is married and has three grown sons, who were all homeschooled until they began dual-enrollment with the local Community College–giving Chris and his wife more than 15 years of homeschooling experience. In addition to being a teacher, Chris is also a full-time pastor.

Being residents of the Pacific Northwest, Chris and his family love to be outside enjoying the mountains, forests, rivers and ocean–Camping, hiking, backpacking, surfing, skiing, and motorcycling.

His family spent two years driving across the country for ministry, hosting youth leadership training events.

When he is not teaching, preaching or grading lab reports, Chris enjoys traveling, being outdoors and even playing Minecraft! Chris stays active by running a few times a week (to support his love of food), and he and his family are big Green Bay Packer fans.

Chris Leingang Teacher Academy at Bright Ideas Press

What people are saying about Chris as a teacher:

“I took Pre-Chemistry in fall, 2016, with Mr. Leingang during my seventh grade school year. He was my first online teacher. I liked him because he made us work hard and expected the best from us. He could make complex ideas very simple. He likes kids, but does not tolerate misbehavior. He himself works hard at teaching us, and it motivated me to work hard for him. I would love to take another class with him because he’s the best science teacher ever!” – Joshua S

“My son and daughter (8th and 9th grade) took your Pre-Chemistry class this fall. It was NOT easy, however, they learned SO much and you made them work. You have high expectation and the kids learn to respect you and DO the work! I was so impressed with how they were able to rise to the challenge and with the level they were learning. This course is excellent! I love the book, the labs, the tests and homework. I also appreciate how quick you are with keeping the kids on topic with chat! You are an excellent online teacher! Can’t wait for the kids to take High School Chemistry with you next year!” Suzy G

“I enjoy Mr. Leingang as a teacher because he explains things so well. I want Leingang again for Physics. Make sure you sign me up for that class!” –Evan R.





Chris will be teaching the following classes at The Academy at Bright Ideas Press, Fall 2017:

Chemistry – Tuesdays at 11am, Thursdays at 1pm
Physics – Thursdays at 9am, Tuesdays at 1pm

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