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Full year

Teacher:  Melissa Lopez

Recommended Grade Level:  7-8

Day and Time: Mondays at 9 am ET

Prerequisites:  Basic math

Course Materials:  BJU Pre-Algebra 2nd edition

Description:  This pre-algebra course is a final wrap-up of arithmetic skills and a transition into the world of algebra.  Students will enhance their skills in topics such as fractions, decimals, percents, ratios, proportions, inequalities, and integers.  Students will also delve into solving algebraic equations and simplifying algebraic expression.  Students should have a good understanding of arithmetic operations when entering pre-algebra.


Solidifying Foundations of Math

One semester:  offered fall and spring

Teacher:  Lora Marks

Recommended Grade Level:  7-10

Day and Time:  Mondays at 1 pm ET

Prerequisites:  Prerequisites: Student must have had some practice calculating fractions, decimals, and negative numbers; however, these skills do not have to be mastered.

Course Materials:  None

Description:  For two decades I taught developmental math at a community college. Often my students had completed higher level math in high school, but were placed in my basic math classes because they didn’t have a strong foundation of the basics. Those experiences helped me see which math skills were common struggles that can create problems for students at all levels. Completing this course will strengthen computations with integers, fractions, decimals, exponents, and order of operations, which are the fundamentals needed to do well in Algebra and upper-level math classes. It is designed for the struggling student, as well as the student who enjoys math and wants to improve their skills. This course will have a small to moderate amount of homework, so it can be completed during the school year alongside their grade-level math class.
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The Academy at Bright Ideas Press offers middle school and high school courses for Christian homeschooling families to either supplement or replace their current curriculum. Families will be able to choose from a wide variety of course offerings offered either as live, online classes or as self-paced, asynchronous classes.

These options will meet the needs of all types of students, from those who enjoy learning under a teacher while interacting with other students, to those who prefer to learn more independently at their own pace. Taught from a Christian worldview, our classes will encourage students to develop excellent independent study skills which will benefit them both in college and in life.

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