Class Schedule & Calendar

Fall 2017:

  • Fall classes begin August 21
  • Fall break week of October 2
  • Thanksgiving break week of November 20
  • Final week of classes week of December 11

Spring 2018:

  • Spring classes begin January 8
  • Mid-winter break week of February 18
  • Easter break week of March 26
  • Final week of classes week of April 30

Fall 2018:

  • Last day to register for classes is August 11
  • Fall classes begin August 20
  • Fall break week of October 8
  • Thanksgiving break week of November 19
  • Final week of classes week of December 10

Spring 2019:

  • Spring classes begin January 7
  • Mid-winter break week of February 18
  • Spring break week of March 25  (Easter is April 21)
  • Final week of classes week of April 29

Join The Academy Family


The Academy at Bright Ideas Press offers middle school and high school courses for Christian homeschooling families to either supplement or replace their current curriculum. Families will be able to choose from a wide variety of course offerings offered either as live, online classes or as self-paced, asynchronous classes.

These options will meet the needs of all types of students, from those who enjoy learning under a teacher while interacting with other students, to those who prefer to learn more independently at their own pace. Taught from a Christian worldview, our classes will encourage students to develop excellent independent study skills which will benefit them both in college and in life.

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