Homeschool Clubs

Homeschool clubs for your middle school and high school students

Homeschool clubs for middle school and high school students


Writing Homeschool Club at the Academy at Bright Ideas Press

The Storytelling Society Homeschool Club with Ellen Scoggins

Time: 2nd Tuesday of every month @ 8:00 p.m. ET, starting in September
This club is for the storytellers, the daydreamers, and the imaginaries of our Academy. Whether your student enjoys writing short stories or novels in their spare time or if they have always wanted to learn how, this club will help them broaden their horizons as writers and authors. As the parent of an avid teenage writer who constantly craves constructive feedback, Mrs. Scoggins understands the emerging writer’s need for writing tips, fun assignments, and a teacher’s feedback as well as a safe environment for students to receive peer reviews from their fellow writers. Students will learn to expand their vocabulary, exchange writing resources, and refine their writing abilities over a multitude of fiction genres. The club will also discuss publishing and sharing their writing through contests and other platforms. Several writing professionals have been invited to give short presentations and answer students’ questions. As students are encouraged to be highly interactive in this club, both with sharing and critiquing, a microphone is strongly recommended. Click to learn more about The Storytelling Society Homeschool Club.


Homeschool Art Club at The Academy at Bright Ideas Press

Artfelt Connections with Jennifer Totaro

Time: The second Tuesday of each month at 4 pm ET
Do you have a student who loves art and would do nothing but create masterpieces all day long if allowed to? Or perhaps you have one that can’t stand the idea of creating art and you know that a weekly class would be torturous to him or her? Maybe you’re searching for an opportunity for your student to experience art without adding too much to an already busy schedule, breaking the bank, or driving to yet another class? What if the solution to any or all of these problems is as simple as Art Club?

Let’s face it, when we have a passion for something, there is nothing better than having our interest validated by others. And if we don’t have that passion yet, who better to inspire us? It is also very helpful to spend time with those who can offer us suggestions and solutions, or just encourage us when we get frustrated. Spending time with those who can teach us skills or methods we are not familiar with offers a great opportunity to grow interests and abilities, and broaden our scope of learning. For the less-than- enthusiastic artist, this is a great setting to discover how art can be an enjoyable pursuit, without the pressure of a weekly class and defined assignments.

Join us as we meet live on the second Tuesday of the month (it will be recorded in case you need to miss one)

  • Share your work
  • Learn a new technique (watercolor pencil, paper mache, charcoal, oil pastel, blending markers…the possibilities are endless)
  • Discuss challenges, frustrations, and successes
  • Consider a theme for the following month’s art challenge

This is a low-pressure experience for anyone who enjoys creating art or is interested in gaining an appreciation for it. Age and skill are not limitations, only a desire to create art that brings the artist joy, a positive attitude, and a willingness to encourage others is needed to join the club.

Club members will not have any requirements of materials or assignments, though there are techniques that will be demonstrated using a variety of materials and a monthly submission of at least one piece of art is recommended. Most artists love to show their work, and this is an opportunity to do just that, as well as to be challenged to grow in their chosen medium, or even to branch out into new ones. I am looking forward to inspiring future, budding, or skilled artists as we gather to celebrate the beauty around and within each of us! Click to learn more about this art club for homeschoolers.


Homeschool Health Club at The Academy at Bright Ideas Press

Healthy Grub Club with Amanda Hunter

Time: 2nd Wednesday of each month, from 3-4 pm EST
Do you like to eat? Do you enjoy experimenting with new foods and recipes? Do you need plenty of energy for all of your activities?

The Healthy Grub Club is for you! Play with your food with Pharmacist and Certified Health Coach, Amanda Hunter on the second Wednesday of each month from 3-4 pm EST learn the best ways to fuel your body.

We will try new recipes and new ingredients, “healthify” family favorites, practice reading food labels, set goals and help to hold each other accountable via discussion boards and breakout rooms, and see how delicious healthy can be.


Every month, we will:

  • Cover a new nutrition topic.
  • Debunk dietary myths.
  • Have an amazing cooking demonstration.
  • Share healthy food “finds” and our favorite healthy cooking experiments.
  • Set personal health & wellness goals and report back on last month’s goals.

Topics covered

  • Nutrition Detectives – Making sense of the food label and food label claims.
  • Eat the rainbow! Many people are intimidated by picking out and trying healthy foods. What exactly is a spaghetti squash? How do you cook it? How do you pick the perfect one?
  • Aren’t all carbohydrates bad? Isn’t fat bad for you?
  • Must.Have.Chocolate.Now – Sugar cravings, vegetables, and protein? Is there a connection? With holiday treats galore, we will learn how to make delicious treats that won’t lead to regret in January!
  • Eating to prevent diseases such as Heart Disease, Type 2 Diabetes, Osteoporosis, etc.  Good health as an adult begins with the habits you form today.
  • Fueling for physical performance and energy – Do you love to run? Do you love to play basketball? Do you need energy for playing football in the yard with your buddies or chasing your little sister in a game of tag? Learn how to fuel for maximum energy.
  • Burgers, pizza, pasta – oh my! Healthy restaurant dining? Learn tips and tricks for making wise choices and create a few scrumptious copy-cat restaurant meals too!
  • Healthy meal planning on a budget and recipe makeovers – Bring your family favorite indulgent recipes to redo!

Click to learn more about this club for homeschoolers.


The American Girls Series Book Club

Book Club: The History Hoppers!
Based on the historical American Girl® series of books

Time: 2nd Friday of each month at 11am EST, beginning January 12, 2018
Take a trip through time to meet the American Girls!  See important key events and American history through the eyes of a nine-year-old girl.  Each month we will read the first “Beforever” book based on one of the American Girls listed below.  (at least four chapters required – all  12 chapters is best to avoid spoilers).  We will meet to discuss, complete projects and share with other students!  Many, many project ideas will be provided to choose from, including crafts, cooking, sewing, art, research and more!



This book club for homeschoolers will include:

  • Literature
  • Crafts
  • Writing
  • Speaking
  • All learning styles
  • Engaging, hand-on activities
  • Beginning literary analysis using the Socratic method

In this highly interactive club, your daughter will engage with historical events in a compelling story that makes history accessible and understandable. Students will begin to grasp the flow of history through time, the life of a girl near their ages in different time periods, how historical events impact the daily lives of people living through them, and elements of daily life in each time period – foods, games, lifestyles, family relationships – and sometimes, horses! Click to learn more about The History Hoppers Book Club based on the American Girl series.


Chapel Planning Homeschool Club | Academy at Bright Ideas Press

Chapel Planning Committee

Do you have a heart for spiritual leadership and service?

At The Academy, we will offer monthly chapel services in which families can join together for prayers, worship and spiritual growth. These monthly services will be held the 2nd Monday of each month at 12:30p.m. EST for 30 minutes.

We are looking for students who are excited to take part in planning our chapel services, including choosing speakers, soliciting and distributing prayer requests, praying for others, reading scriptures, and other administrative services.



Committee roles include:

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