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a note from Joanna:

My husband and I have been married for 19 years. We have 4 children and 2 cats, who all participate in MIT (Martinez Institute of Training)! I have homeschooled from the beginning, which means this is our 13th year. I have taught music for 8 years and Spanish for 6 years. My family moved overseas as missionaries on my sixth birthday, and I learned Spanish so that I could socialize with kids my age in Colombia, SA.

I am also extremely proficient in “Spanglish” and “Espanglés, both which are spoken in frequently in our home. When I first moved back to the USA for college, I found it very difficult to communicate only in English, as all English speakers I knew there spoke Spanish also, and we regularly threw in words from Spanish as we spoke.

I love to sew and have costumed for my children’s dance studio for several years Having grown up in South America in the tropics, the 4 seasons were novel to me when I moved to the US. My favorite season of the year is Fall. I love everything about it, the colors, the flavors (pumpkin spice anything!), the weather, and the holiday – Thanksgiving.

One of my favorite parts of Spanish class is when we introduce a new Bible memory verse, and work on translating it from Spanish to English together. Sometimes just seeing God’s word in another language helps us to understand a verse in a new way.


 What others are saying about Joanna

“We are so thankful for Mrs. Martinez and her teaching!  Her teaching style was perfect for our kids – her class felt unhurried and enjoyable, and it was conversational as well as educational.  Not infrequently I heard laughter coming from their rooms and saw smiles on their faces as I peeked in!  Having a native Spanish speaking instructor like Mrs. Martinez is critical to developing the finer aspects of foreign language.  The natural inflections of speech and the correct pronunciation of the words was imprinted in our kids’ brains as they listened and learned.  My kids have traveled to Mexico on several occasions, and the people we meet there at the resorts and restaurants are amazed at their Spanish. They tell my kids their Spanish is beautiful!  They don’t speak like others who come to visit!  I believe that comes from not only the commitment of the student but also from the quality of the teacher.  Mrs. Martinez is exceptional!  We could feel the passion Mrs. Martinez has for both teaching and the students.  She was responsive to our questions and needs as they arose during the week, and I felt like Mrs. Martinez and I were a team in the education of my husband’s and my children.  We are so thankful for her commitment and we were blessed to have our kids in her class!” – Kirsten Nelson, mother of 2 Spanish II students

I took Spanish 2 from Sra. Martinez in my freshman year. You will not find many foreign language teachers that are as passionate and as dedicated as her. She explains the Spanish language with clarity, and is always ready to lend a hand outside of class when needed. Moving at a pace that ensures each student has ample time to grasp the concepts, Sra Martinez also works in interesting culture sections of the textbooks. Developing a bond between her students and infusing them with the passion of knowledge she herself possesses is one of her greatest strengths. Sra Martinez was a blessing to me during my second year of official language classes, and I highly suggest her teaching.” – Sage Showers, a sophomore in high school.

“My children have greatly benefited from Mrs. Martinez’ Spanish classes. Not only did they learn a lot, they developed an excitement to learn more and continue foreign language throughout high school. Her teaching style is engaging and witty and musical. She takes out the confusion and teaches with clarity. My kids have been surprised at how much they understood when they’ve had opportunity to talk to native speakers. I highly recommend this teacher for a positive and successful experience for your students.” -Angie Baer

Online Spanish Class Joanna Martinez Academy at Bright Ideas PressJoanna will be teaching the following classes at The Academy at Bright Ideas Press, Fall 2017:

Spanish I – Tuesdays at 11 am ET

Spanish II  – Tuesdays at 1 pm ET

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