Marji McIlvaine

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About Marji:
Marji has six kids she has homeschooled all the way through (all graduates).  She has been teaching online for  six years, but teaching through coops, tutorials and private classes throughout her 26 years of homeschooling.

Marji McIlvine Academy at Bright Ideas Press

A note from Marji:

“I set out to try homeschooling for one year. Twenty-six years later … I’m either a “jack of all trades” or a “polymath” or a homeschool mom wearing many hats!
I have a broad variety of life experiences including:

  • SCUBA diving in the FL Keys,
  • Working as a cowgirl on a cattle ranch
  • Schooling at the Université de Dijon in France
  • Working on a dairy
  • Riding a dogsled on a glacier in Switzerland
  • Visiting at the Belmont when Secretariat won the Triple Crown
  • Exploring NYC with a friend’s family chauffeur
  • Exercising Thoroughbred and Quarter Horse race horses
  • Flying in a KC135 refueling tanker plane
  • Observing John Glenn’s space capsule do the first orbit of Earth
  • Rescuing baby alligators, owls, squirrels and possums
  • Having a special gift for getting vehicles stuck in mud — even a tractor.”

Sample videos from Marji’s Classes via Blackboard Collaborate

What others are saying about Marji

“As soon as she (my daughter) heard the situation, she went right to her saved money and pulled it out and asked to send it. She really loves you. Thanks for teaching!”

“C. was in your AG History class this last semester. It was our first experience and you were wonderful. She loved it and she has never been a reader!”

“You have blessed us so richly through your Christ-centered teaching and example.”

“Thank you so much for doing this. You are an excellent teacher and a blessing to my daughter!”


Marji will be teaching the following classes at The Academy at Bright Ideas Press, Fall 2017:

Trip Around the World: 6-Language Adventure
Trip Around the World 2: A 3-Language Expedition
Marine Biology (High School)
Windows to the World: World History through Missionary Biographies 1 & 2
US History with Rush Revere 1 & 2
American History with the American Girls 1 & 2
Adventures in World History with the Girls of Many Lands 1 & 2

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