13 Art Techniques Everyone Should Know with Jennifer Totaro


One semester- fall only

Teacher:  Jennifer Totaro

Recommended Grade Level:  5-12

Day and Time:  Fridays at 9 am ET  

Prerequisites:  None

Course Materials:  

  • 13 Art Techniques Children Should Know by Angela Wenzel, 
  • This list is available at Blick Art and can be found at: http://www.dickblick.com/lists/blicku/J03UHBL4C6SZ1/publicview/
  • Please note that this list is inclusive of the items that you will need for the upcoming year. Some of them you may already have at home and you do not need to purchase new ones specifically for class. If you are in doubt of whether materials that you already own will be sufficient, please feel free to email Mrs. Totaro prior to purchasing.You are welcome to purchase these items from any location and please be certain to check for promotional codes or coupons wherever you purchase from, since most art stores offer them. *If you or a sibling are taking another art class with me, be sure to check for the combined art list as many items on this list may be shared and do not need to be duplicated!

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Class Description

Do you have a student that loves to create art?  Perhaps your student thinks art is the most ridiculous, boring subject in the world.  Either way, there are lots of art techniques that can open the door to creativity for the artist and non-artist alike.  Using the book “13 Art Techniques Children Should Know,” we will explore a myriad of mediums, techniques and hands-on projects that will bring art to life in a fun, interactive way.  We are created by the most amazing artist ever, and each of us is made in his image, so that means we are artists!  Working from this belief, we will approach art in an encouraging, explorative manner that will increase the knowledge and skills of the most enthusiastic artist, as well as help the most reluctant artist find a creative outlet that brings joy. Join us as we look at, learn about, and experiment with a variety of art techniques that will cause you to never look at art the same way again! Because of the interactive nature of this class, microphone capabilities and a webcam are required.


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