ACT Intensive Prep with Caryl Veloso


One semester- offered fall and spring

Teacher:  Caryl Veloso

Recommended Grade Level:  11th-12th Grade. Will consider 10th Grade based on prerequisites

Day and Time:  Thursdays at 11 am ET

Prerequisites (any of the three):

~> PSAT/PSAT 10 Minimum Score: 1150

~> Algebra 2: Successful Completion (85% or higher), or concurrent class with teacher’s (or parent’s) recommendation

~> Successful Completion of Placement Exam

Course Materials:  

  • The Official ACT Prep Guide, 2016-2017 (ISBN-13: 978-1119225416; ISBN-10: 1119225418)
  • McGraw-Hill Education ACT 2017(ISBN-13: 978-1119225416; ISBN-10: 1119225418)

Class Description

Are you looking for a standardized exam for college applications and early admission as a substitute to the SAT and just want your student to take something more consistent through the years of its inception? Are you looking for an achievement test with a strong math and science component? Or do you just want to see if your student is on track for college readiness? Look no further! This unconventional, highly interactive, and fast-paced workshop is designed for the college-bound student intending to face the rigors of the ACT Exam. By learning its’ format and flow, the student would be able to determine how effectively they can navigate in the test then appropriately decide if indeed the ACT best suits their college-application needs. As this workshop primarily has in mind the student who seeks to acquire a viable score to qualify for early admissions, the semester is tailored to position the student to take the December 2017, ACT (and beyond). The review shall focus on the four main sections of the ACT Exam: ACT Math, ACT Science, ACT Reading, Writing with the optional ACT Essay. Every 2-2.5 weeks the student shall heavily focus on one subject- section of the ACT and learn to navigate through all the different question types for each subject domain. At the commencement of 15 weeks, the student is expected to have successfully gone through eight, full practice tests and four, timed essays. Because they have gained familiarity and a sizable degree of proficiency, the hard-working scholar shall then be able to translate their personal-best score into the real ACT Exam. With immersion as the principal approach of this course, the student will be trained in strategies and content. Through systematic, methodical correction, as well as calculated repetition, the student will be able to determine their specific learning gaps and intentionally reduce common errors throughout parts of their timed practice tests. As the semester unfolds, the student shall intuitively acquire effective test-taking tactics,


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