Artfelt Connections with Jennifer Totaro


One semester- offered fall and spring

Teacher:  Jennifer Totaro

Recommended Grade Level:  5-12

Day and Time: The second Tuesday of each month at 4 pm ET


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Class Description

Do you have a student who loves art and would do nothing but create masterpieces all day long if allowed to? Or perhaps you have one that can’t stand the idea of creating art and you know that a weekly class would be torturous to him or her? Maybe you’re searching for an opportunity for your student to experience art without adding too much to an already busy schedule, breaking the bank, or driving to yet another class? What if the solution to any or all of these problems is as simple as Art Club?
Let’s face it, when we have a passion for something, there is nothing better than having our interest validated by others. And if we don’t have that passion yet, who better to inspire us? It is also very helpful to spend time with those who can offer us suggestions and solutions, or just encourage us when we get frustrated. Spending time with those who can teach us skills or methods we are not familiar with offers a great opportunity to grow interests and abilities, and broaden our scope of learning. For the less-than- enthusiastic artist, this is a great setting to discover how art can be an enjoyable pursuit, without the pressure of a weekly class and defined assignments.
Join us as we meet live on the second Tuesday of the month (it will be recorded in case you need to miss one)
 Share your work
 Learn a new technique (watercolor pencil, paper mache, charcoal, oil pastel, blending markers…the possibilities are endless)
 Discuss challenges, frustrations, and successes
 Consider a theme for the following month’s art challenge
This is a low-pressure experience for anyone who enjoys creating art or is interested in gaining an appreciation for it. Age and skill are not limitations, only a desire to create art that brings the artist joy, a positive attitude, and a willingness to encourage others is needed to join the club.
Club members will not have any requirements of materials or assignments, though there are techniques that will be demonstrated using a variety of materials and a monthly submission of at least one piece of art is recommended. Most artists love to show their work, and this is an opportunity to do just that, as well as to be challenged to grow in their chosen medium, or even to branch out into new ones. I am looking forward to inspiring future, budding, or skilled artists as we gather to celebrate the beauty around and within each of us!