English 1: Intro to Literature with Rhiannon Appelgrijn


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Buckle your seatbelts! English I is about to embark on an adventure through the ages and the pages! With a variety of literary works (novels, poetry, plays) as our vehicles, we will travel to distant lands, hear intriguing tales, and meet colorful characters you won’t soon forget. Your mission will be to analyze them as well as their surroundings and origin. Never fear! You will be adequately equipped with the necessary tools for success! You’ll sharpen your grammar, vocabulary, spelling and composition skills while braving the elements— the Literary Elements, that is! Once you have successfully completed your 30-week mission, you will be well-prepared for your next assignment: English II (World Literature)! Our comprehensive courses are designed to meet all your high school English needs from 9th through 12th grade, so this course is essentially the beginning of four years of fun! Are you ready to begin?!


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