English 3: American Literature and Writing with Jamie Anderson


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Are you ready to use a few events in American history to sharpen up your writing skills while reading some great works of American literature? While English 1 and 2 focused on literary analysis, in English 3 we will spend extra time honing our writing skills. We won’t leave grammar and literature study behind, but  students will have weekly writing assignments centered on U.S. history topics from Explorers to Modern Times. They will review some basics early in the year before developing advanced writing skills such as thesis statements, MLA format, persuasive essays, research papers, and more.  Every week, students will be instructed in how to write clearly, concisely and colorfully, emulating the rhetorical devices they find in the literature they are reading. By the end of the school year, students will have an impressive writing portfolio with many variations of the basic essay model, including responses to literature, literary analysis, timed essays, a super-research-essay (9–13 paragraphs), a contrast essay, narrative essays and a personal essay (ready for college applications.) Students in this class will benefit whether they are novice writers or advanced writers. Mrs. Anderson has taught this class many times before and seen improvement across the board (from novice to advanced writers) when students put in the time and effort each week.


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