English 4: British Literature with Rhiannon Appelgrijn


Full year

Teacher:  Rhiannon Appelgrijn

Recommended Grade Level:  9-12

Day and Time:  Tuesdays at 11 am ET

Prerequisites:  equivalent of English I and II

Course Materials:  

Please be sure to choose all UNABRIDGED versions of each book. We will be reading more poems and short stories by beloved British authors, but they will be provided.


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Class Description

Let’s head across the pond and discover the fascinating world of British Literature! Sojourning in castles and cottages, you’ll dine with kings, queens, knights, lords and ladies, and even mingle with some commoners. Oh, my! What would Queen Victoria say about that? Come find out! Of course, we will need our old friends to join us on our journey: grammar, vocabulary, spelling, and writing! By now, they should be quite familiar to you as the prerequisites for this endeavor are the equivalent of high school English I through III. After 30-weeks of traveling through the pages that lead us everywhere from the English countryside to a Scottish moor, you will be ready for your next adventure: University! This course will leave you well-equipped to excel in college-level English wherever your educational path leads you! It is sure to be jolly good fun!


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