English C with Melissa Craig


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Have you always wanted to be a superhero? In this comprehensive English course, we will explore the myriad ways good English skills can help each of us become a superhero.  We will gain the super hero skills of time travel and empathy when we study literature. Literature choices will give students a feel for the Renaissance time period while helping them understand the basics of plot, characterization, and other literary devices. An introduction to Shakespeare will get students excited about learning more. We will achieve the super hero skills of strong, effectual communication through solid writing technique, grammar knowledge, and a growing vocabulary. In our writing, we will use a process that teaches varied sentence structure and infuses grammar knowledge to help students find their voice and write articulately. Checklists of required elements in each paper along with lists of “banned” words that students aren’t allowed to use, will help students stretch their writing skills and create proficient communicators who enjoy communicating . This course can be taken as a stand-alone English class, but it also works nicely alongside History C, which uses The Mystery of History III.


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