Geometry with Michelle Glandon


Full year

Teacher:  Michelle Glandon

Recommended Grade Level:  10-12

Day and Time:  Fridays at 1 pm ET

Prerequisites:  Completion of Algebra I

Course Materials:

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Class Description

Geometry is a course that offers practice and implementation of previous math skills, building of practical math applications, and developing logic and problem solving skills that will benefit students across the curricula.
Students will study the foundations of Geometry, Reasoning and Proof.  They will expand their understanding of parallel and perpendicular lines, triangles (congruency and other relationships), quadrilaterals, and circles.  Area, volume, transformations, symmetry, similarity, and the basics of Trigonometry will also be covered.  Geometry is a wonderful course to give students time and practice to solidify beginning Algebra skills to prepare for more advanced Algebra skills, while learning practical life skills and building reasoning and logic.

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