Government with Michelle Glandon


One semester:  offered fall

Teacher:  Michelle Glandon

Recommended Grade Level:  9-12

Day and Time:  Fridays at 11 am  ET

Prerequisites:  None

Course Materials:  

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Class Description

“By learning about the operations of federal, state, and local government, and about issues facing our nation today, students become better equipped to understand, pray for, and be involved in our country’s government.“ – Ray Notgrass

American Government is a one-semester course for high school students. This course will provide more than a check mark on your to-do list for high school. We will study the original documents and speeches that built our country with an emphasis on the Biblical basis for our government and constitution. “Is that constitutional?” will be a common question in our discussions.

Ray Notgrass’ textbook will act as the spine for our semester together. We will build onto the spine with living books and documents, discussions, writing assignments, and projects. One of our projects will include a small mock trial: Watch out Goldilocks. American Government will come alive and be applicable beyond.


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