Grammar and Vocabulary Guru with Ellen Scoggins


One semester- offered fall and spring

Teacher:  Ellen Scoggins

Recommended Grade Level:  9-12

Day and Time:  Tuesdays at 3 pm ET

Prerequisites:  None


  • Jensen’s Grammar (ISBN: 1886061386)
  • Vocabulary from Classical Roots Book D (ISBN: 9780838808634)
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Class Description

If the study of grammar and vocabulary seems a daunting task to you, don’t worry; this course can transform you into a true grammar guru!  You will first review the basic parts of speech and then move on to sentence patterns, infinitives, gerunds and more. Throughout the semester you will have an opportunity to apply your newfound knowledge by creating sentences and short paragraphs of your own.  Learning grammar will be a pleasant experience; our class time will be used to introduce new concepts with plenty of time for practice (and some fun mixed in as well). The study of new vocabulary words will also be included using games and team competitions. At the conclusion of the course, you will be amazed how proficient you have become, even earning grammar and vocabulary guru status!


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