Healthy Grub Club with Amanda Hunter


One semester- offered fall and spring

Teacher:  Amanda Hunter

Recommended Grade Level:  5-12

Day and Time: 2nd Wednesday of each month, from 3-4





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Class Description

Do you like to eat? Do you enjoy experimenting with new foods and recipes? Do you need plenty of energy for all of your activities?

The Healthy Grub Club is for you! Play with your food with Pharmacist and Certified Health Coach, Amanda Hunter on the second Wednesday of each month from 3-4 pm EST learn the best ways to fuel your body.

We will try new recipes and new ingredients, “healthify” family favorites, practice reading food labels, set goals and help to hold each other accountable via discussion boards and breakout rooms, and see how delicious healthy can be.

Every month, we will:

  • Cover a new nutrition topic.
  • Debunk dietary myths.
  • Have an amazing cooking demonstration.
  • Share healthy food “finds” and our favorite healthy cooking experiments.
  • Set personal health & wellness goals and report back on last month’s goals.

Topics covered

  • Nutrition Detectives – Making sense of the food label and food label claims.
  • Eat the rainbow! Many people are intimidated by picking out and trying healthy foods. What exactly is a spaghetti squash? How do you cook it?   How do you pick the perfect one?
  • Aren’t all carbohydrates bad? Isn’t fat bad for you?
  • Must.Have.Chocolate.Now  – Sugar cravings, vegetables, and protein? Is there a connection? With holiday treats galore, we will learn how to make delicious treats that won’t lead to regret in January!
  • Eating to prevent diseases such as Heart Disease, Type 2 Diabetes, Osteoporosis, etc.  Good health as an adult begins with the habits you form today.
  • Fueling for physical performance and energy – Do you love to run? Do you love to play basketball? Do you need energy for playing football in the yard with your buddies or chasing your little sister in a game of tag? Learn how to fuel for maximum energy.
  • Burgers, pizza, pasta – oh my! Healthy restaurant dining? Learn tips and tricks for making wise choices and create a few scrumptious copy-cat restaurant meals too!
  • Healthy meal planning on a budget and recipe makeovers – Bring your family favorite indulgent recipes to redo!