History D: American History


Full year

Teacher:  Rhiannon Appelgrijn

Recommended Grade Level:  6-8

Day and Time: Fridays at 1 pm ET

Prerequisites:  None

Course Materials:

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No Seats Available

Class Description

This course covers the history of our great country of America from its beginnings to current events. The class will take the student on an exploration of the people and events which built and shaped our country into the great nation it is today. Students will explore history in a fun and exciting way while also learning to think critically about events and how our past history affects us today.
The class will include readings from All American History by Celeste W. Rakes as well as simple biographies of the people who helped to build and shape our country. Students will also complete a timeline of the events which occurred throughout American’s history. A short, optional, genealogy project will also invite students to examine their own family’s history or their adoptive family’s history in our nation. Students will complete several fun projects throughout the year which will be done as Wiki projects, posters, and discussions. The live class includes pictures, video clips, maps and discussions which draw the student into the history to make it a “living” subject.