Informal Logic with Mike Griffin


One semester- Offered fall only

Teacher:  Mike Griffin

Recommended Grade Level:  7-9

Day and Time:  Thursdays at 5 pm ET

Prerequisites:  None

Course Materials: The Art of Argument: An Introduction to the Informal Fallacies, Student Text, Revised byDr. Aaron Larsen and Joelle Hodge

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Class Description

Informal Logic is a course in critical thinking and thoughtful observation that focuses on the full spectrum of illegitimate arguments (fallacies) that are used in both personal communication and the public square.  The goals of the class are threefold:  First, it is to get the student to understand and be able to identify these fallacies and, as a consequence, not be manipulated by them.  The second goal is to help the student not to use such fallacies themselves in their own rhetoric.  The final aim is to engender an appreciation for careful and precise language in order that students might be honest and forthright witnesses to truth.

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