Intro to Theatre with Rebecca Craig


One semester offered fall only
Teacher:  Rebecca Craig
Recommended Grade Level:  9-12
Day and Time:  Mondays at 7 pm ET
Prerequisites:  None
Course Materials:  Must have a live camera and microphone

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Class Description

We’ll begin to scratch the surface of this thing called theatre with this introductory class! In this course you will study Ancient Greek theatre, technical theatre, acting, Commedia Dell’arte, and more! This course will give students a well-rounded understanding of what theatre has been in the past and what it looks like today through hands-on projects and other fun activities. This class will also allow the students to help develop the course itself. At the beginning of the semester, students will be able to take a survey sharing what aspects of theatre they would personally like to know more about. Later on, the teacher will choose one of these ideas and create an entire unit covering the subject!