Italian I with Giuliana O’Connell


Full Year
Teacher:  Giuliana O’Connell
Recommended Grade Level:  8-12
Day and Time:  Mondays at 5 pm ET
Prerequisites:  None
Course Materials:



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Class Description

Elementary Italian I is designed for students with little or no knowledge of Italian. Its goal is the development of five skills— listening, speaking, reading, writing, and cultural sensitivity—which will enable students to communicate effectively in the new language. A variety of aspects of Italian culture will be introduced through short texts as well as audio and visual materials. Each meeting will include a series of activities, which will enliven the class, and ensure focused attention on the part of the learner. Upon completion of Italian I, students will be able to understand the language used in simple, daily situations. Together with linguistic proficiency at an elementary level, students will acquire some familiarity with Italian culture. At the completion of each chapter, we will have a test and/or a quiz (oral or written).