North Star Geography with Melissa E. Craig


Full year

Teacher: Melissa Craig

Recommended Grade Level:  7-10

Day and Time: Wednesdays at 1 pm ET

Prerequisites:  None

Materials: North Star Geography by Tyler Hogan

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Class Description

When your family discusses current events, do you ever feel lost? Where in the world is Brunei? Why has there been unrest in Ukraine? In this course, students will explore the physical and cultural geography of God’s amazing world! By studying physical features such as landforms and climate, and cultural aspects of geography such as politics and religions, students will gain an appreciation of the world around them. Students will complete weekly assignments that include map work and answering questions about the geography of the areas studied. Projects and individual studies allow students to focus in-depth on areas of their interest. This course is a great foundation to prepare students for upper level learning.


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