Physical Science with Chris Leingang


Full year

Teacher: Chris Leingang

Recommended Grade Level:  7-9

Day and Time:  Wednesdays at 3 pm ET

Prerequisites:  None

Course Materials:  Apologia Exploring Creation with Physical Science Basic Set (2nd Edition) by Dr. Jay Wile


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Class Description

This course will explore how God’s magnificent creation works.  This is a great introduction to concepts in chemistry, geology, and physics.  Students will be encouraged to develop habits that will help them succeed in this class and in their future high school science courses as they refine their skills in graphing, recording observations, and writing quality lab reports.  There will be a focus on how God designed our world to provide for and protect us.  Get answers to questions like about the way the world works.  Why does ice float on liquid water?  Why is weather an essential part of making the earth habitable?  What role does gravity play in the solar system or in creating tides?


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