Physics with Chris Leingang


Full year

Teacher:  Chris Leingang

Recommended Grade Level:  9-12

Day and Time:  Tuesdays at 1 pm ET OR Thursdays at 9 am ET

Prerequisites:  Algebra I, Algebra II (concurrent enrollment is acceptable); Chemistry is recommended, but not required.

Course Materials:

Course Materials:

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Class Description

The goal of physics is to understand the entire universe in a fundamental way. A challenging, yet exciting proposition.

Physics is the study of is a challenging, college-prep course which will cover all the basic topics taught in an Introductory Physics course, including mechanics, Newton’s laws, momentum, projectile and satellite motion, rotational motion, properties of matter, heat, thermodynamics, vibrations and waves, electrostatics, electromagnetic induction, reflection and refraction, light emission and quanta, atomic and nuclear physics, the atomic nucleus and radioactivity, fission and fusion, and special and general relativity.

Students will complete a minimum of six experiments as chosen by the teacher. An emphasis will be placed on students understanding scientific inquiry, the scientific method, and the resulting science lab reports.