Pre-Calculus with Michelle Glandon


Full year

Teacher:  Michelle Glandon

Recommended Grade Level:  9-12

Day and Time:  Tuesdays at 1 pm ET

Prerequisites:  Algebra II

Course Materials:

  • BJU Pre-Calculus, Student Text ISBN 978-1591669869
  • You will not need to purchase the teacher’s book.  Mrs. Glandon will provide a student solution manual on the class pages with permission from the publisher.
  • Journey through Genius: The Great Theorems of Mathematics by William Dunham ISBN: 978-0140147391
  • Mrs. Glandon will do her demonstrations using the TI-84 Plus.  She will be most able to help students which the TI-83, TI-84, or TI-89 series.  If you already have a graphing calculator, keep your manual close so you can figure out how to do the skills we are working on.


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Class Description

Description:  PreCalculus is more than the mathematics class that follows Algebra 2 and Geometry. This course equips your students for college level math with trigonometry and by solidifying advanced Algebra skills. Lessons emphasize functions, graphing, and trig throughout and introduce differential calculus. The course will also develop thinking & reasoning skills, problem-solving abilities, speed and accuracy in computation, and an understanding of mathematics history. Mrs. Glandon is known for her tips and tricks for tackling math with success.