SAT/ACT Prep with Caryl Veloso


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Class Description

This unconventional, highly interactive, and fast paced workshop is designed for the college-bound student intending to face the rigors of either the SAT or ACT Exam, or both. By learning the differences and similarities, the structures and nuances, as well as the latest changes between these two exams, the student would be able to determine how effectively they can navigate in each test then appropriately decide which exam best suits their college-application needs.
With immersion as the primary approach of this course, the student will be trained in strategies and content. Through practice tests and methodical correction, the student will be able to determine their specific learning-gaps and intentionally reduce common errors throughout parts of their timed practice tests. As the semester unfolds, the student will intuitively acquire effective test-taking tactics, time-management methods, and better study skills. More than this, with study-support groups as the secondary approach of this course, the student shall experience a considerable degree of accountability as they participate in active units of rotating teams.