SELF-PACED Christian Kids Explore Creation Science with Christine Filipek



Teacher:  Christine Filipek

Recommended Grade Level:  5-8

Prerequisites:  None


Course Materials:  

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Class Description

Have you ever wondered where everything on this earth came from? Let’s travel back in time and explore the earth when it was new.  We will discover when each animal was created, even dinosaurs! In this class we will get a solid foundation of Creation as we discuss both Creation and Evolution in a safe environment. We will learn more about the age of our earth, the great flood, fossils and so many more interesting topics. This class will be an excellent foundation for preparing our children with a Biblical worldview.

Our self-paced classes are specially designed for your student to work his or her way through material autonomously. Your student will have access to 3-4 content-rich instructional videos per week, as well as an assessment (quiz or test).   Our expert course developers will also provide recommended activities and suggested homework for each week.


**Please note that during this first year, weekly content will be available one week after it is presented in the live course.


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