Solidifying Foundations of Writing with Jennifer Totaro


  • One semester — Spring only
  • Teacher:  Jennifer Totaro
  • Recommended Grade Level:  6-8
  • Day and Time:  Tuesdays at 1 pm ET
  • Prerequisites:  None
  • Course Materials:  No text required, list of materials to be provided (3 ring binder, dividers, post-it notes, etc.)

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Class Description

Writing does not need to be the daunting, tortuous task so many students view it as. Whether due to gaps in their learning or the need of a review, this class will give students a simple, straight-forward approach to writing a solid essay. Beginning with a review of grammar and sentence structure, we will move on to well-written paragraphs and thesis statements. Utilizing the skills of outlines and rough drafts, the writing process will be taught in a thorough manner that makes sense and presents a “formula for writing.” Through online assessments, weekly writing assignments and in-class lectures and activities, by the end of class, students will gain a solid grasp of how to craft an organized, thorough essay that reflects their thoughts in a clear, concise manner. Students will be compiling and maintaining a binder throughout class that will serve as a reference both for this class and future writing endeavors.


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