The Ultimate Scavenger Hunt with the 39 Clues with Jennifer Totaro


Full year

Teacher:  Jennifer Totaro

Recommended Grade Level:  7-8

Day and Time:  Wednesdays at 11 am ET

Prerequisites:  None

Course Materials:  

  • The 39 Clues Complete Collection Books 1 to 10
    • Maze of Bones by Rick Riordan ISBN-10: 0545060397 ISBN-13: 978-0545060394
    • One False Note by Gordon Korman ISBN-10: 0545060427 ISBN-13: 978-0545060424
    • The Sword Thief by Peter Lerangis ISBN-10: 0545060435 ISBN-13: 978-0545060431
    • Beyond the Grave by Jude Watson ISBN-10: 0545060443 ISBN-13: 978-0545060448
    • The Black Circle by Patrick Carmen ISBN-10: 0545060451 ISBN-13: 978-0545060455
    • In Too Deep by Jude Watson ISBN-10: 054506046 ISBN-13: 978-0545060462
    • The Viper’s Nest by Peter Lerangis ISBN-10: 0545060478 ISBN-13: 978-0545060479
    • The Emperor’s Code by Gordon Korman ISBN-10: 0545060486 ISBN-13: 978-0545060486
    • Storm Warning by Linda Sue Park ISBN-10: 0545060494 ISBN-13: 978-0545060493
    • Into the Gauntlet by Margaret Peterson Haddix ISBN-10: 0545060508 ISBN-13: 978-0545060509
    • Students will also need a 3 ring binder with dividers for maintaining notes.

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Class Description

There is so much more to a book than just the story within it. Join the ultimate scavenger hunt as we read the first ten books of the 39 Clues series. Through this engaging series, we will crack codes, travel the world, and learn about many historical figures and places. Experience the adventure of two orphaned siblings and their race to find the secret to their family’s power, as well as the responsibility that comes with it. In this literature-based course, we will tackle a well-rounded variety of topics that touch on a variety of subject areas. We will be using a Notebooking approach to homework which will include map work, written assignments, and projects. Students will be required to do some research through online databases or books obtained outside of class (the local library is a great resource). This fast-paced series makes it difficult for anyone to avoid wanting to read, and with all of the great learning opportunities packed into these books, it will be an exciting adventure for all!


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