Windows to the World I with Marji McIlvaine


One semester- fall only

Teacher:  Marji McIlvaine

Recommended Grade Level:  8-10

Day and Time:  Wednesdays at 1 pm ET

Prerequisites:  Prerequisites: None (Students may begin with any class in the cycle ~ 1,2,3 or 4)

Course Materials:  

  • Access to the YWAM Books for each missionary we study, plus a choice of a few others from a book list (library, borrow, etc.).  Missionaries included this semester: Francis Asbury, DL Moody, Clarence Jones, Betty Greene, Loren Cunningham, and (time-dependent) one of the student’s choice.

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Class Description

In Windows 1 we study missionaries and history in the US from the circuit riders to important missions work (US and foreign) by people still living.

For this highly interactive course we travel around the world and through different time periods with world literature — missionary biographies of different regions as well as fiction and/or non-fiction books set in those regions. Oh, the literature is outstanding! Students will read one missionary biography from each region, plus one other book – either another biography or a superior work of fiction.

Students write different kinds of short reports to ‘teach’ the rest of the class about the history and culture, explore the culture and the spiritual climates, and work with a timeline and maps through a semester-long project. The literature comes from all time periods (thus the timeline). We learn a lot about missionaries’ lives, the need of the culture for Truth, how the culture’s view of God affects what happens in the country and in its people’s lives, what is happening historically in the country of study and in other countries around the world, and how God is at work through time and place. Parents may purchase the books or check them out of the library — a list will be made available to those registered for the class.

What it is not: It is not a typical curriculum-based, chronological move through world history. We step out of that box and move through different time periods, always with a view to the present country or region. The assignments include a lot of reading, so the student and parent must commit to reading the books (usually very interesting). If a student has reading issues, it is fine if the parent reads them aloud to the student — but there must be a commitment to do the reading. Other assignments are hands-on and designed to engage the student in the region’s culture, history and spiritual realities. We will include videos, music, foods, and customs. Students will be asked occasionally to prepare a food and serve it to their families.

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