The Storytelling Society with Ellen Scoggins


One semester- offered fall and spring

Teacher:  Ellen Scoggins

Recommended Grade Level:  5-12

Day and Time: 2nd Tuesday of every month @ 8:00 p.m. ET, starting in September





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Class Description

This club is for the storytellers, the daydreamers, and the imaginaries of our Academy. Whether your student enjoys writing short stories or novels in their spare time or if they have always wanted to learn how, this club will help them broaden their horizons as writers and authors. As the parent of an avid teenage writer who constantly craves constructive feedback, Mrs. Scoggins understands the emerging
writer’s need for writing tips, fun assignments, and a teacher’s feedback as well as a safe environment for students to receive peer reviews from their fellow writers. Students will learn to expand their vocabulary, exchange writing resources, and refine their writing abilities over a multitude of fiction genres. The club will also discuss publishing and sharing their writing through contests and other platforms. Several writing professionals have been invited to give short presentations and answer students’ questions. As students are encouraged to be highly interactive in this club, both with sharing and critiquing, a microphone is strongly recommended.