Ralph Dally

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About Ralph:

“My wife Caroline and I have two wonderful children, Micah and Mikayla. They are enjoying their homeschooling lives and are in middle and high school. I am a credentialed minister through the Assemblies of God and have a heart for deaf missions and teaching our young people ASL and Deaf Culture. I have been certified to teach ASL to students seeking foreign language credit since 2008.
I enjoy reading when I have time, taking walks on the beach, bicycling with my family, and sipping on espressos. Snow shoeing has become a recent favorite. When I was younger, I collected Coca-Cola memorabilia and look forward to one day, in retirement, displaying my collection while running a used book store with my beautiful wife.”

American Sign Language Ralph Dally Academy at Bright Ideas Press

Sample ASL Class with Ralph Dally

 What others are saying about Ralph

“I don’t know if you remember me, but I was in your ASL I, II, and Conversational ASL classes. 🙂 Today at the community college where I’m taking classes I tested out of their Beginning ASL 101 and 102 classes. I just wanted to thank you for preparing me so well. I’ll be taking Intermediate ASL 201 in the spring semester!” — former ASL Student

“I thought I’d share with you a neat observation of how ASL is helping Andrew.  As you know, Andrew has autism. As such, when he talks with people he does not always maintain eye contact. Well, that is beginning to change and it’s because of ASL and the emphasis that you place on facial expressions and eye contact when signing.  As a mom, it’s awesome to watch Andrew progress in his communication skills. Now, when he asks me a question (even when he’s not signing), he will tilt his head to one side, raise his eyebrows or open his eyes wide and look me right in the eye. His expressions are so animated; it’s fun to see! For a little boy with autism, that is a huge accomplishment. Not only is he learning sign language, but he’s also learning how to be a better communicator.” – Michelle, a mom

“Anna is doing fantastic in her College Credit Plus class (she is considered a high school junior) and I attribute it (in a great part) to you! She took your ASL 1 and 2 and a summer conversational class. When she signed up for (College Credit Plus) ASL she tested out of the first two ASL classes! Thank you Mr. D.” – a parent

My daughter has taken 2 years of ASL with Mr Dally during high school. She went from knowing very little about Sign Language, to being able to carry on basic conversations with the deaf.  She has thoroughly enjoyed the classes!  They weren’t easy….Mr Dally really expects his students to work and study and practice, but it sure pays off in how quickly they learn!   She has enjoyed his teaching style; he has always been helpful and quick with answering questions, and she is very bummed that he is not able to offer ASL 3 next year.  We recommend Mr Dally to ANYONE who has a desire to not just dabble in ASL but who really wants to know it well!  Can’t say enough good about his classes!” – Misty K.

“Mr Dally’s ASL 1 class has been a wonderful experience for my 8th grade daughter. His enthusiasm and excellent teaching have sparked major interest. She enjoyed every class, and all of the projects and assignments were appropriate for the material and challenging enough to inspire her to work hard. As my daughter has recently begun ASL conversation coaching with a local interpreter, we were told that the work she is doing in class is college-level and is preparing her very well for future study. We have nothing but high praise for Mr Dally and his classes!” – Christine H, Mom of student

“Mr. Dally’s ASL classes are superb! My child learned so much during her ASL 1 class–vocabulary, grammar, conversational ASL, deaf culture, and much more. She especially enjoyed the breakout sessions with other students that enabled her to practice her signing while also learning about her fellow peers. My daughter’s interest in ASL grew throughout the year and she can’t wait for ASL 2 with Mr. Dally next year.” – Liz F, Mom of student


Ralph Dally Academy at Bright Ideas PressRalph will be teaching the following classes at The Academy at Bright Ideas Press, Fall 2017:

American Sign Language 1 – Tuesdays, 9am EST or Fridays, 9 EST
American Sign Language 2 – Tuesdays, 11 am EST or Fridays, 11 EST

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