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Academy at Bright Ideas Press Teacher Spotlight

a note from Jamie:

My jetBlue pilot-husband and I have three sons. Luke works in theater in NYC, Samuel attends Embry Riddle Aeronautical University in Florida, and Joel is in a gap year after graduating high school. We homeschooled for twelve years, at which time I began teaching speech in-person to dozens of homeschool students in a variety of venues.  Then I began to teach writing using the Institute for Excellence in Writing’s structure and style method in our local homeschool tutorial program; I enjoyed seeing the light bulb go on for many students who had struggled with writing in the past or for creative writers who lacked structure. While at Landry Academy, I also became the academic advisor for the student-run newspaper, The Scholar’s Script, putting my Iowa State journalism degree to good use in the homeschool community.
My fifteen years in radio broadcasting and national trade association public relations work are what gives me a passion for the spoken, written and heard word, which I delight in sharing with homeschool students in online classrooms.

Since 2013 I have annually ridden by bicycle across lower Michigan in a 6-day bike ride called PALM (Pedal Across Lower Michigan.) Since 2015 I have been part of our church’s mission team to LaJoya, Nicaragua.  I love Operation Christmas Child and have served locally to collect thousands of boxes in our county for a decade.

Jamie Anderson Academy at Bright Ideas Press Teacher

 What others are saying about Jamie

“Mrs. Anderson leads us through a study of the “Great Communicators” in her speech class, which is entirely fitting because I think she could be considered one herself. I took a college speech class a year ago through dual enrollment, and I can confidently state that I have benefited more from Mrs. Anderson’s class than I did from a college level course! Not only does Mrs. Anderson make the class interesting, she always challenges us as speech students and gives us pointers for improvement. Even if you consider yourself moderately proficient at speech (as I did before I took the class), Mrs. Anderson will push you and teach you new things.

My 17 year old son has taken this class with Mrs. Anderson for the past two years, and over that time frame I have witnessed a dramatic improvement in his writing abilities. Writing has always been the subject he struggles with the most. Having just recently attained my own degree, I know for certain that the ability to write is the most important skill a student needs to navigate through college. I cannot recommend Mrs. Anderson and this course highly enough!” – Pastor Shannon Adkins

I have to admit, these last couple weeks of speech class have been challenging, but extremely beneficial. I have grown in confidence and courage in not just speech, but many other areas of my life. When we signed up for this speech class, it was the class I was looking the least forward to. As a missionary kid growing up in a remote jungle setting, I haven’t gotten many opportunities to socialize. During this home assignment, however, God has grown me in courage and confidence in so many ways. Now your class is one of my favorites!” – Kayla

I am so glad that Bethany was able to take this class with you – I only wish I had ‘met’ you sooner. It was a great comfort to me to know that you had a heart devoted to your students and the willingness and ability to pursue a way to make this class possible. Bethany learned so many valuable lessons this semester, and I don’t think she will ever forget you!” – “Bethany’s mom”

Thank you SO MUCH for this past semester of Speech Communications! I have enjoyed and learned so much from you. I feel much more confident about public speaking and I really want to do more of it. I feel confident speaking to people about my Lord! Thank you for your time and expertise.” – Jordan, 9th grade

“I gave my persuasive speech (Teens Need to Reduce Their Technology Use) at a preachers’ Bible study that meets on the first Monday of each month. The audience was 15-20 men, ranging in age from about 25 to about 70 (I would guess). I personally knew about half of the men there. We met at a church building. I was not the “keynote speaker”; that was a Bible professor from Florida College (where I plan to go this fall, actually). He went before me, and because of my college classes, I missed the first part of his presentation. Once he was done, I gave my speech.

This was a hard speech to prepare for, because I wrote the speech for an audience of teenagers. However, I was the only teenager in the room when I gave the speech at the Bible study. Thus, I had to broaden my approach a bit: Rather than making it teen-specific in my action steps and problem statement, I had to come at it from a universal angle. For example, I used the fact that teens spend an average of 9 hours a day on media to springboard to the larger point that, no matter what generation you’re from, technology poses a danger. Anyway, because of the changes I had to make, I was a little nervous about how it would be received; I feared that it might seem a little too young for some of the audience members. I was also nervous just because, well, I was speaking in front of people who get paid to speak in public! If that isn’t intimidating, I don’t know what is! But on the flip side, during and after my presentation I found the audience to be one of the most appreciative I could have. As professional public speakers themselves, they knew how to pay attention well and ask questions. Once I started the speech, I was able to get my butterflies in formation pretty well. I did not feel completely relaxed (I tend to involuntarily tighten my neck a bit when I’m speaking in public), but it was not at all debilitating. The audience members did not notice it, at any rate, and several complimented me afterwards on my poise. I also opened it up to questions after my speech was finished, since that was the custom, and wow! We probably spent more time on questions and discussing the issue of media than I actually spent giving my speech! That was my favorite part: seeing the enthusiasm of my audience for the topic, and I could tell that I had actually convinced most of them that there was a problem and that something needed to be done. A few of them came up to me afterwards and suggested that I lengthen my presentation and take it on the road! I am still kind of amazed that they think that is a possibility, but if the opportunity opens up, I will definitely take it!”

Jamie Anderson Academy at Bright Ideas PressJamie will be teaching the following classes at The Academy at Bright Ideas Press, Fall 2017:

English 3: American Literature and Writing – Mondays at 11 am ET
Speech  – Tuesdays at 1 pm ET
English Composition – Thursdays at 11 am ET
Bright Ideas Beacon – Student Newspaper  – Times TDB


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