Stacy Lung

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A note from Stacy:

I have five children ages 15, 14, 13, 11 and 7. I have been homeschooling for 11+ years and teaching for the past 20 years. I first taught in public school and then worked as a Director of Education at Sylvan Learning Center. Once I began homeschooling I taught my own children, through the local co-op and online. I was recently accepted into the Doctorate program at Trinity Evangelical Divinity School. I am an occasional speaker at Creation conferences including the Creation Research Society annual conference last year. I am the author of Wisconsin’s Flood Journey. 

I love being outdoors, especially backpacking. I have been known to camp outdoors even in the winter. I had the opportunity to develop interpretive trail signage for a new environmental learning center in Minnesota and I once had the opportunity to watch an ultralight training young whooping cranes to fly in a safe migration path to Florida in an effort to restore the threatened population.


Stacey Lung The Academy at Bright Ideas Press

What people are saying about Stacy as a teacher:

“I just wanted to thank you so much for providing such a top notch chemistry class, for your guidance and insight, and for your grace and encouragement for Joseph. Your classes were presented with such enthusiasm, and easy to understand. All of this made it possible for Joseph (and I) to lay a good foundation for his first online class. We both learned SO much! Much more than the chemistry!”

“I have to tell you, they are sad to be missing tomorrow. They LOVE this class and were just asking if they can take more chemistry next year! I must admit this class felt like a whirlwind with a lot of material to learn and lots of homework to complete, but you have truly made them rise to the occasion. They are proud of their notebooks, and both kids grew to take responsibility for their own work. Tonight they were speaking sentimentally about how much work it was, but they feel good about how much they learned.”

“I wanted to thank you for the exceptional Young Chemistry class you have taught her. This is our first experience with….and I am blown away at the quality, the content and the care with how you have taught her class.”

“Mrs. Lung was able to explain difficult concepts in an understandable way for 4-6 graders.  Her class was extremely organized and was structured to cover a lot of material in one semester. She must have had to plan well to fit in all the activities and extra helps she provided on the class page.”

“Mrs. Lung is wonderful about communicating with students and responding to questions in a timely manner. She really wants all of the students to do well, and she works to make that happen.”

“Mrs. Lung made the class fun by varying the way she presented the material (video, having us do the presentation, breakout rooms etc) She also gave very beneficial feedback.

I took the introduction to medical careers class that Mrs. Lung taught.  I loved having her as a teacher!  She organized the clas page in a really easy to follow format and always posted assignments ahead of time so that we knew what was coming next.  She answered everyone’s questions even if she had to do some research to find the answer.  I would highly recommend this class (and Mrs. Lung) to anyone!” – former student



Stacy will be teaching the following classes at The Academy at Bright Ideas Press, Fall 2017:

Physical Science – Wednesdays at 3pm
EarthScience/Astronomy – Mondays at 1pm
Self-paced CKE Biology

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